Guardians of History

At some point I realized that if I was to continue on this path as an artist, I had to reflect on my life and my art as one. I am a child of a child survivor of Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp. My father, his two brothers, his sister, and their parents, all survivors are no longer with us. It is my families legacy that has drawn me to the type of art making and symbolism that I use.

My series of work, I call “Guardians of History” can be seen in this video here. My art honors the lives of Daniel Pearl, Dr.Khaled al-Asaad and celebrates the freedom of Asia Bibi.

The art for Asia Bibi was created in collaboration with my son, Arie Aviksis on Three D Printers and programs. Arie is currently a college engineering student at UMass Amherst, and has worked with 3D imaging for years.

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Michelle Muhlbaum has been flirting with folklore for most of her career. Angels, gods, goddesses, princes and creatures of legend have made up the body of her work. This trend is continued in her recent collection of drawings.

These drawings are edited to the “essentials”, her background is only the grey toned paper; the mark-making restrained to the glowing marks of graphite and white pen or muted color. Pattern-making, always a hallmark of her work, is the way she achieves form. This form is attenuated, stylized and although recognizable is not striving for reality; much like the meta-idea of a fairytale.

~ Bridget Lynch
Director Trustman Art Gallery, Simmons College



Mermaid Gallery

Mermaids, like angels are symbolic characters; although human in features, they remain otherworldly. I had never seen Black Mermaids in art history. I wanted to portray them as the nobility of mermaids, giving them a place of honor.

Mermaid Gallery


Angel Gallery

Working on toned paper with ink and graphite pencil, I began this series of work. For the present time I have left the colorful palette of my fairy tale imagery, to focus on detailed simplicity.

Angel Gallery

Mother and Child

Mother & Child Gallery

My mother and child series began soon after I had my son. I loved the way women held children on their hips, leaning to one side. The way parks and outdoor spaces became the everyday agenda, the interpersonal relationship between parent and child.

Mother & Child Gallery

Children’s Hospital Fence Art Project

Three pieces from my Mother and Child Series are included in the Children’s Hospital Fence Art Project and Brookline Commission for the Arts. Two pieces can be seen at Pearl Street going towards Brookline Village T-Stop. One piece is located at Route 9 and Brookline Avenue.